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We are always looking for CVs for experienced Programmers, Artists, Designers, Writers, etc. Send your CV if you think you can contribute to our games in a meaningful way.


Senior Producer

Do you want to take on the exciting challenge of making sure Romero Games delivers games on time and within budget? As a Romero Games Producer, you are responsible for delivering internally-developed games on time and within budget, and in many ways be the counterpoint to the Game Director. The Producer knows her games by heart, and playing it is part of the weekly routine. Furthermore, the Producer handles organization of the project and staff planning in terms of competence, man-months, and creating the schedule for everyday work.


  • Leads project(s), working closely with stakeholders such as a Game Director for game quality targets and a Tech Lead for technical quality

  • Making sure the team is working efficiently to reach milestones and key gates

  • Risk management (assessment/mitigation/communication)

  • Delivering on time, budget and scope

  • Coordination with other producers and stakeholders

  • Project plans and tracking progress

  • Nurturing a healthy relationship with the publishing team


  • At least +5 years of relevant experience, preferably in video game development

  • Experience with agile methodologies

  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken

  • Knowledge of JIRA will be considered an advantage

The role will require an ability to listen to the opinions of several stakeholders. While at the same time being firm, decisive and making sure things move forward. Furthermore, the role requires attention to detail and an ability to work organized and with structure. You should also enjoy getting your team to thrive and deliver their best.

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Game Designer

Romero Games is looking for a game designer to join its team. This is a full-time position working on Empire of Sin in Galway, Ireland, on a team that’s dedicated to making the 1920’s Prohibition Era come alive. We are an experienced crew, get along well, are family friendly and dedicated to diversity. You must be an EU resident, and move to Galway, to be considered. This job is on-site.


  • Designing gameplay within existing game systems working closely with the lead designer or combat designer

  • Working with the team to make sure the design is properly implemented

  • Defining and communicating what assets are required for the game content

  • Writing text for in-game content that thematically fits within the game

  • Resolving scripting and in-game text bugs and issues in the game

  • Researching material as required

Skills & Requirements

  • Game industry experience or comparable work on independent published titles

  • Be able to follow design specifications

  • Ability to translate high-level goals into tangible mechanics & assets

  • Experience with multiple aspects of game design (optimising systems toward specific goals, content design, system design)

  • Interest in management and/or strategy games

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3D Environment Artist 

Romero Games Ltd is looking for an experienced 3D Environment Artist specializing in architecture to join our team. This is a full-time, on-site permanent position. We are looking for an individual with senior-level experience, but are open to mid-level experience with exceptional talent and a true passion for creating quality 3D art.


  • Create high-quality architecture and environment assets.

  • Sculpt & model highly detailed geometry.

  • Retopologize geometry for use as game-ready models.

  • Transfer high-resolution model detail to game ready texture maps.

  • Layout efficient and quality UVs.

  • Create high-quality textures for use in a PBR workflow.

  • Use Tiling and Trim techniques to create multiple assets with shared textures. 

  • Collaborate with fellow artists, Team Leads, and our Engineering and Design departments.

Skills & Requirements

  • Expert knowledge of Maya or similar modeling software.

  • Expert knowledge of Photoshop/Substance for texturing.

  • Full understanding of game workflows and pipelines.

  • A desire to learn new techniques and technologies.

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.

  • Minimum of 2 years of professional experience in the games industry with at least one shipped title (excluding academic projects).

  • A portfolio reflecting high-quality game art.


  • Experience with Allegorithmic Substance.

  • Experience with Unity preferred.

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